Acrylic Finish vs. Laminate Finish: Which Is Better for Kitchen Cabinets?

Blog 1The kitchen cabinets space of the house is known as the heart of the house as this is one such area where we spend time every single day without fail be it your morning breakfast your lunch or even your midnight snack this is where you head to.

Regardless of how well you deigned your kitchen the beauty of it comes from the kind of finish that we go for your kitchen cabinets there are multiple options that are available in the market these days like acrylic finish and laminate finish.

Acrylic finish is made of polymers whereas Laminate finish is made up of flat papers and plastic resins which is pressed together in high pressure machinery. Acrylic has a finish that is fully glossy and smooth mirror like appearance which is also absolute seamless. Colours on this and gloss do not fade over time also more expensive when compared to laminate but the look and feel of it is absolutely stunning. Also, to keep your acrylic kitchen is absolutely easy.

Laminate comes in various textures when comes to durability laminates are less prone to scratches and they have better shelf life when it comes to wear and tear also laminate is way more cost effective compared to the acrylic finish.

These days the modern combination is in trend too where the Acrylic Finish is been used at the top cabinets and Laminates for the bottom cabinets, since acrylic is a glossy finish, it reflects a lot of light so it is perfect to go for the higher portion of your kitchen and Laminates need to go on the bottom part of our kitchen because this is prone to more wear and tear on a daily basis and laminates are good to go for this purpose.

Both the finishes look wonderful and great just depends on our preferences and the kind of look that we want to achieve.

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