Differences in the usability of commercial plywood, BWR plywood, and marine (BWP) plywood.

Bespokeinterio interior design Pune, When it comes to furniture customization, there are three most popular types of plywood on the market known as MR Commercial Plywood, BWR Plywood, and Marine (BWP) Plywood. Further understanding durability and the usability of this plywood, the MR Commercial Ply is only moisture resistant, whereas the BWR Ply has good boiling water resistance. On the other hand, the BWP Ply is boiling water proof and has excellent water proof quality. Contact us

Wood veneers used in the manufacturing of commercial plywood are pinewood or hardwood veneers, whereas for the manufacturing of BWR plywood, pinewood, hardwood, or Gurjan veneers are used, and in the manufacturing of marine (BWP) plywood, Gurjan veneers are used.

The moisture content of commercial and BWR plywood is 8%–15%, whereas the moisture content of BWP plywood is 6%–10%. The nail holding strength of commercial plywood is up to 75  kg, whereas for BWR plywood it is up to 100  kg, and for BWP plywood it is up to 175 kg. The screw holding strength of commercial and BWR ply is up to 225  kg, while for marine ply it is up to 300 kg.

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